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AMV Spieluhr

Erstellt: 17.09.2010 11:19 von Hase Wunderland

AMV Spieluhr

Vor kurzen ist mir ein nettes Anime Musik Video auf Youtube unter gekommen. link Ich schrieb die Macherin (Youtube: BubbleT1ger), eine zwanzig jährige Finnländerin, an und bat sie um ein kleines Interview. Seht uns beiden das suboptimale Englisch nach, es sollte denoch verständlich sein.

Why "Rammstein" and why the song "Spieluhr"?
Warum "Rammstein" und warum das Lied "Spieluhr"?

I found Rammstein first time when I was 16. I saw the video "America" and I liked it very much: I thought it was clever and really funny video, plus the song kicked ass. Later I found out more brilliant songs from the band (like Mein Teil and Ich Will) and after I FINALLY bought their first album, "Herzeleid", I was totally hooked. They became my favorite band for period.
I'm not sure why I do like the band. Maybe after listening english bands for years they were something new and interesting. Maybe I was satisfied their darkness and brilliant music making. Or maybe they just felt something that was... part of me.
I can't really explain it. I just fell in love with them. And nobody can really explain love, can they..?

"Spieluhr" was propably one of the early songs I heard from the band before I started to collect their albums. For the first I didn't even know the lyrics (my german is not very good), I just listened the melody and the singing. It didn't really matter at the time, I just enjoyed the music.
Then one day I found a finnish translation of the song and... well, I must say I was really impressed. Story about a child being burried alive... it was creepy, depressed and yet so beautifully made. It left me a huge affect. It's propably pretty obious if I say Till Lindemann (who is the lead singer and makes also the lyrics) is one of my personal idols? :)
After reading the translation I heard the whole song in a completely different way. I had visuals of the story in my mind everytime when I listened the song. I remember I was sitting on a bus getting back home from school and listening "Spieluhr" when I got an idea:
What if I made a short film about this song? Not a live acting one, but a story board version? And use the images I have in my mind?
That was where the whole thing started.

How you are cope with the german songtext?
Wie bist du mit den deutschem Liedtext klargekommen?

Like I said, my german isn't that good so I couldn't have managed to make the whole thing without the translation. That helped me more than enough while making this project. The main focus was on the text eventhough I used my own "artistic view" at the video. I was very precise at the story line and tried to do glory for it.
To be honest, I'm surprised they didn't make a real music video about this song. Well ok, you got my version on the YouTube but this song would have had potential for an official one too. Maybe it was too obious for a video. I dunno.

How much time did you spend into this Video?
Wie lange hast du insgesamt für dieses Video gebraucht?

Oh man, how much was it..?
If I remeber right, I started making pictures on November but I stopped on December because I started to think: "Nah! This isn't gonna work." But after a Christmas holiday I looked at the project again and thought "Hell, let's finnish this thing!" and I found my motivation again. I made all the pictures during Winter and then scanned them all to the computer about two weeks. Editing the video was the easiest part and it didn't took so long: maybe one or two hours?
The whole film was ready at early March. So if I count right, the whole time I spend to this project was... over four months. It took really long time, but I also had my final exams at the time so it slowed me down a bit. I still think it was worth it. :)

What did you do if you not make some Videos?
Was machst du, wenn du keine videos machst?

I study at my school, read books, draw stuff, listen music, watch movies/videos, hang out with my friends and, if I'm so radical, I go out for a walk. Just some normal stuff what people do...

What is your next project in this way?
Was ist dein nächstes Projekt in diese Richtung?

I'm making comics to the web and I actually have now one big comic in a process. I don't wanna tell much about it, but let's say it has the same atmosphere as the "Spieluhr" does. I'll guess the affect I got from Rammstein is deeper inside me than I originally thought...


Antwort erstellt: 17.09.2010 14:42 von Saito

Wahnsinn, wirklich schön^^
Ich find die Lieder sowie die Texte von Rammstein eh ziemlich schön, und das Video dazu ist wirklich klasse.
Untermalt das Lied wirklich gut.

Lob und Ehre an Bubble^^ *thumbs up*

Antwort erstellt: 17.09.2010 13:47 von Brigade Führerin H. Suzimiya

Ich bin echt beeindruckt. Wirklich! Mit viel Liebe hatte sie dieses Video gestaltet.


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